Meet Mr Hardworking Norisktaking

I am sure all of you have met lots of Hardworking Norisktakings in your career. Maybe they are working for you, they can be your boss, your spouse or friend. They have great attributes which you can benfit from a lot (yeah they work hard) and they might literally drive you crazy in no time. I will shortly call Mr Hardworking Norisktaking MHN in the rest of this article.
MHNs are a practical and responsible people. They are typically known as quite and serious. And they love processes and rules, they adore regulations and doing everything by  the book! As the name implies, working hard and fullfilling their duty is the most natural and maybe the most important thing for them. You can observe a MHN defining steps for executing a job and going through sequential steps for gathering information. You’d better give them a quite environement to work, they need concentration and focus for consistent performance and hardworking.
Such people fit very well into corporations and service based environements. You can be sure that they would not leave office without ressolving the critical issues and are always well-prepared the most situations. In a team they expect clear goals from their managers. Give them tasks in their area of expertise and understanding, they will come back with excellent results. Well, frankly MHNs are not very team oriented and they would do just ok. Try to give them some privacy and independency even as a part of a team.
Coming to driving crazy part…Well.. MHNs do not enjoy surprises and big changes. Innovative and risky stuff is not cool at all for them. You have to force them to be open to new, innovative ideas. They might be critising others  very directly and in a confrontating way but he probably needs a regular alert in his Outlook telling him something like  “don’t forget others achieve things as well…rememeber they also have positive accomplisments!” Very often they miss the train while trying to stick to the tested, known rules. So, that’s not type of resource that should be dominating an R&D department.
Sounds familiar? Are you a MHN? Do you know some?
How can a manager utilize a MHN the best way? How to deal with an underperforming or problematic MHN?
All and more … coming up soon!


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