Manager Self Check: 3 Practical Questions That You Should Ask Yourself

Practical approaches to management styles, reading life experiences and learnings from other leaders would get your manager brain operate efficiently. My blog should ideally and hopefully provide such content too. I would like people to find interesting, direct and understandable content that they can immediately benefit from (or immediately dislike J ) The books I read, the daily happenings at work, conversations with friends all stimulates my blogger neurons and here are 5 questions I would like to challenge you with today. Your answers might tell you if you are on the right track or potentially suck as manager 🙂

Are you worried about your team when you are on holiday?

So you are getting nervous before leaving for holiday and it took so much effort to figure out who should be accountable for what during your absence in your team. You talked to your people over and over, went through all the details what to do in case a problem comes up and your automatic mail replies for out of office messages are pretty detailed and long. There will be decisions and actions, for which your team will have to wait for you to be back during this time. You are bombarded with mails and work at your first day after holiday.

You, during the first week at least, can’t help thinking about work, keep checking mails and feeling a weird nervousness inside. Some people or open issued really worry you and you try not to remember them at all.

Does this sound like you? Then you might be control freak and your reports are probably some smart workers intelligent enough to execute your decision in the way you describe. Well, do I need to say that? : You probably suck. Consult to any decent management book or couch, you will figure that such managers hardly have long term success. So start doing something about this while you still have credit in your organization. (Assuming there is a real good reason why you turned out to be the manager of your team)

What happens to the collective IQ when you step into a room?

I heard of this concept in a book I was reading recently. The author was talking about managers, usually smart and competitive past individual contributors, who cause a total intelligence drain in any environment they join. They are the smart cookies, they spend enormous energy to prove how good their ideas are and very eager to pinpoint all the mistakes and weaknesses in others’ statements. When they step into the room people are automatically filled with anxiety and the overall IQ of the group decreases significantly. Nobody attempts to come up with individual ideas and suggestion as they know somebody else will do the thinking and their contribution is not really appreciated. These people are internally convinced that nothing will work if they don’t involve with the details and dominantly impact the decisions. It is all about showing everybody how smart and unique they are.

Again, I will recommend you to think about it honestly by yourself. If you are such a manager, deep inside you know it already. It is not easy to face such a hard fact. You don’t need to change and turn into another person overnight, even if people recognize you realize it trying to address that, it can make creativity and motivation flourish in a few weeks, maybe days!

When was the last time you made a good joke?

They say women prefer men with a good sense of humor. Your team is no different. Jokes help you to create bindings to individuals. One makes jokes if he/she really cares about them and spends extra effort to reach them, make them laugh. When people are laughing and enjoying the joke, the power distance between the individual contributors and managers disappear, work place looks like a fun place to be. You show that you don’t actually take yourself so serious. I know better than anybody how hard it is to make good jokes and develop some sense of humor. I am still terrible at that but even that makes people smile sometimes….

Develop consciousness about your mood, your facial expressions and how much fun you share with your team during the day. It will pay off immediately.


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