Magnetic Leaders

Some great leaders, most of them extremely successful have one thing in common : the way they talk, move and address people is so authentic and so fun. They have a natural attraction, some kind of a magnetic field. You don’t get bored listening to them an hour-long on the stage presenting their business, you look for opportunities to meet and spend time with them. They lead the people not through what they say but mainly this weird magnetic field pulling you with them.

I have been observing these species and asking myself what one needs to have this leaders’ aura. I have read books and attended various trainings/courses about micromessaging, presentation skills, body language and the like. They were all very helpful to improve certain leadership skills but the question about how build a magnetic field stayed unanswered.

Do I have the answer now? Not exactly..But I am a bit closer to it. Somebody I met, somebody who can create amazing influence and impact on everybody she meets within minutes has helped me to understand what the “magnet” really is.

This weird,strage magnet that keeps people around these leaders hast to do the feeling of sincerity and openness that radiates from a leader. It is a feeling…Oftentimes it is not the reality. And it does not matter! These magnetic people put themselves in a mode that their voice , body and mood signalizes that they are 100% interested in the audience and what is happening to them.They don’t aim to position themselves as a manager or prove their superiority.They get accepted and honoured by talking, moving, looking and listening with 100% dedication to the audience. They look open and receptive to everything in those moments : sympathy, attacks,dislike or hate. They give the others time and space, they offer them topics and energy to be shared, their messages are never about enforcing goals. People feel that this special magnetism has something to do with the leader himself, all what is done and said is about a common cause that is offered and shared within a space and time owned by the leader and the others. As a result, they stay connected to him and show amazing acceptance to the messages being sent. Messages, that exactly serves the leader’s goals. Exactly the way he wants…. Fascinating.

And from Gandhi to dictators, CEOs to smart teachers, some people use this magnet with good will or as a manipulative weapon to connect with audiences and lead them. You can be born with  the talent or it can be learned, obviously. I was so surprised to find out that almost every high level executive and politician today has a couch or a professional to train these skills. There are various couching models based on different copcepts : NLP, voice and body language training, outfits that are tailored to the leader and his audience and improving empathy skills are just a few of them. The investment seems to pay off quite well, even if they are not sympathetic, most of the trained leaders manage to be quite impressive personalities.

Is it manipulation or a social skill? Maybe they are all the same thing anyways.

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