Myths about MBA

Being a manager and an MBA student in the last semester, I want to talk about MBA myths today:


· The MBA program teaches you how to be a manager: Well, it would be nice but it is not the case. If being a manager is working like an athlete, MBA program provides you very helpful knowledge and couching so that you can train your muscles and get competitive faster. As you would agree not all of us are born athletes. Some managers are really “born” that way and they perform amazing management without any MBA or business school degree. Some people do learn on the job and in the business schools a lot and leverage that knowledge to become effective managers. If you are passionate about leading people and acting as a manager to drive business, MBA might give you the basic set of skills and knowledge you will need in an optimized way. It can also help you to understand if management path is the right way for you to go or not. However, it comes with a price; you need to invest a lot of time and money in a degree. On the bottom line, I would only recommend it to ones who know they are/will be committed and passionate managers.

· It does not matter when you get your MBA degree: Many business people would just smile at this statement. If you are just a college graduate and want to get your MBA degree before you jump into the unknown waters of the business world, I recommend you to consider this once more. Many courses and disciplines addressed during MBA studies need some basic understanding about real corporations. Students should usually have experience and a feeling about how processes and people in the working environments interact with each other. And most of all, if your CV says you got your degree as an inexperienced graduate right after college; people would just think you were after the shiny title “MBA” but not more than that. I personally believe that the optimal would be having at least 1 year experience as a manager before applying to any MBA program.

· MBA graduates earn more: I hope I am not ruining your dreams but I would really not count on that. Speaking of money, don’t forget that an MBA degree might cost somewhere between 20.000-100.000 €. How much salary increase would you need to compensate this amount in (say) 3 years? Of course, like many MBA graduates, you can look for a new job with better monetary conditions and it is indeed more likely that well paid management positions are easier to get with a business school degree. Or your current employer might recognize your passion and development as manager and you can get a nice push-up in terms of salary and/or title. All I am saying here is that, consider your options thoroughly. MBA will demand a lot of time from your professional and private life which you can also use for something else: You could be developing your other professional skills, working harder to achieve superior results, other trainings and spending options might also provide you developmental opportunities. If your only concern is earning more money, there might be easier and more fun options for you.

· Online MBA programs are good too : No, no , no… No matter what you hear, they are not! See, it is not only about learning stuff in web pages and books, it is not even learning about concepts and theories sometimes. It is about networking. You need your classmates and professors to build new relationships; you will learn how to network with them. Group assignments and discussions will bring you together with people having different perceptions who work in other disciplines. And when you graduate your network will help you to develop and secure your position in the business world. You will need it to recognize new opportunities and you will have people you will trust and you can make business with. Moreover, the small talks during the coffee-breaks with the professor or a spontaneous discussion during the lectures are soooo valuable and unique. You don’t want to have an MBA degree without this experience.


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